Arctic Blast 15g Protein Shot

Have your coffee AND top up that protein!

Busy day? Tough workout? Need a lil’ pick me up? Look no further, grab an Arctic Blast and get your shot of caffeine and a 15g shot of protein. What’s more, this super smooth iced coffee just keeps on giving with no added sugar, low fat content and the equivalent of a double shot of espresso all packed into one cool carton of coffee!

Arctic Blast 15g Protein Shot

Cold Brew coffee is beans brewed in cold water rather than roasted. It’s as simple as that… but the taste is something else. The cold brewing gives a mellow, smoother coffee flavour and that’s what makes cold brew coffee so popular.

Arctic Blast 15g Protein Shot contains the equivalent coffee hit as a double espresso, but it delivers it in style with no bitterness. Mixed with around 75% fresh Devonshire milk in our very own dairy in Devon, the combo is truly a treat for the tastebuds.

Unlike other leading iced coffees, Arctic Coffees are always made using real fresh milk so need to be kept chilled – but it’s worth it, you just can’t beat an iced coffee made with real Devonshire milk.

All the milk is locally sourced and delivered straight to our dairy in Crediton

Arctic Coffee is made on site at our dairy in Crediton, Devon.  It’s all made on site to Rick and Bethan’s perfectly developed recipes. It all gets carefully quality checked by the team before being sent out to the shops ready for you to grab whenever you need your Arctic Coffee fix.


Cool on the outside and just as smooth on the inside
Find out what makes our coffees taste so deliciously moreish.

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