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Coffee AND  fresh milk – a dream team

At Arctic Iced Coffee, we’re all about great taste!  If it doesn’t taste great, then what’s the point? We’re proud to say that Arctic Iced Coffee’s are made with fresh milk.  Fresh milk supplied directly from the farms in Devon, delivered straight to our dairy.  Our modern dairy is among the best in the dairy processing industry and is still privately owned, so with us, it’s personal.  We’re not a huge corporate company, we care about our product and what goes into it.  That’s one of the reasons we only use Fairtrade coffee beans in Arctic Iced Coffee and Fairtrade cocoa in Mocha, we won’t scrimp on the ingredients to save money. 

Taste is everything, right?!

Beginning down in dreamy Devon

Our iced coffees begin their life down in dreamy Devon, all the milk is locally sourced and delivered straight to our dairy in Crediton.  Our team of experts then carry out their checks to ensure the milk is of the highest quality before it goes on its journey to be turned into a delicious iced coffee.

Once in the dairy, the milk is then blended with the coffee, but it’s not just any old coffee, we only use Fairtrade arabica coffee beans.

Made using real fresh milk

The arabica beans are roasted using a unique system that produces highly aromatic coffees with less bitterness.

Each iced coffee variant is then made up using its delicious mix of flavours that have been lovingly created by our team in Crediton before they are packed ready to hit the shelves.

Unlike other leading iced coffees, Arctic Coffees are always made using real fresh milk so need to be kept chilled – but it’s worth it, you just can’t beat an iced coffee made with real milk.


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Meet The Team

Arctic Coffee is made on site at our dairy in Crediton, Devon.  It’s all made on site to Rick and Bethan’s perfectly developed recipes. It all gets carefully quality checked by the team before being sent out to the shops ready for you to grab whenever you need your Arctic Coffee fix. 

Want to know who you’re talking to?  Or who can help you with a question about Arctic Coffees?  Check our our blog in Coffee & Ting to see who’s who.

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