Not just a coffee

Mar 29, 2019 |

Not only does Arctic Coffee taste great, but it’s also around 75% milk – which means it’s good for you too!  We often don’t give any thought to what’s in milk but it has so many health benefits for adults as well as children… although we wouldn’t recommend giving an Arctic Coffee to children – kids and caffeine will never mix well! 

Did you know, there is nearly 10g of protein in one bottle of Arctic Coffee?  That’s similar to what you would get in a protein drink that’ll cost you more than an Arctic Coffee and definitely won’t taste as good.  A carton of Arctic Coffee also contains plenty of essential vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, potassium and B12 that are all naturally found in the milk.  These minerals are all great for the body, supporting our bones, muscles, nerve function and even the bodies immune system.  What other snack can give you all those benefits for under 160 calories and still taste great? 

Now go and grab an Arctic Coffee and enjoy it! #DairyDelivers


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