Introducing our new BIG player…

Whenever we talk to our brilliant community of coffee lovers, we always get variations of, “we love Arctic Iced Coffee… but we want more, more, MORE!” Well, you have spoken, and we have listened. Our signature Cafe Latte is now available to buy in a brand new bigger, bolder 1L carton!

Arctic Coffee 1L

This means that now you can have Arctic Coffee in the fridge for whenever you need it that iced coffee hit. That cool, refreshing rise and shine in the morning, a boost to fend off the afternoon slump, or a treat after dinner – pour from your carton straight into your glass with ice and voila! Not only is our new bigger sized carton good for drinking tasty fresh Devonshire milk and Rainforest Alliance coffee, but you can have your iced coffee and eat it too by whipping up one of our rad recipes.

So, what are you waiting for?! Head down to your local Co-op today to get your BIG sized iced coffee for only £1.99RRP. Tesco shoppers, you are also in for a treat as it the Arctic Coffee1L is flying into Tesco stores on 6th July.

Now if that’s not… grounds… for a celebration, we don’t know what is!

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