We often take milk for granted, just pouring it on our cereal in the morning or adding it to our coffee without giving it a second thought.  But what if milk is better for us than we give it credit for?  With the rise of veganism and so many dairy drink alternatives now available on the shelf of our supermarkets, it is worth remembering the proven benefits of including dairy in your diet.  One of which is the incredible re-hydrating properties of milk.  Milk is not only great for our teeth and bones but has also been proven over and over to be a very effective way to re-hydrate our bodies, more effective than water even.

Leah Hyslop from The Telegraph writes:

‘To prove that milk is one of the most effective drinks to rehydrate with, Professor Roberts recruited a team of student volunteers from the University of Birmingham to exercise with her, “then rehydrate with three different drinks – milk, water and a sports drink. Milk stayed in the system for much longer than water or the sports drink.”  The reason, she explains, is because milk releases very slowly into the small intestine, so it is absorbed much more gradually into the bloodstream, helping the body retain fluid for longer. It also has a high number of electrolytes, including sodium and potassium, which are lost from the body when sweating.’

A bit of searching shows that many research studies have been carried out over the years and the outcome is always the same, milk is one of the best drinks to have if you need re-hydrating.  Whether this is as a result of doing some sport or the heat of the summer. It’s also worth remembering these benefits for children who often don’t drink enough on a hot summers day, perhaps try a milk drink next time – although perhaps not an Arctic iced Coffee.

Approximately 75% of an Arctic Iced Coffee is milk making it the perfect post work out drink or refreshment on a sunny day, a delicious iced coffee that will re-hydrate you at the same time as giving you a little boost when you need it most… what more could you ask for?!  Oh yeah, we’re also one of the best value for money drinks on the shelf too!  Check out our list of stockists here.

Quoted from The Telegraph 

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