Stefani Nurding is a skateboarder, owner of Salon Skateboards and an Arctic Coffee Ambassador.

Starting out surfing rather than skating, Stefani traded the ocean for tarmac 10 years ago when she lived and worked in a hotel for the summer which had a Vans mini ramp. In her downtime, she decided to test the ramp out – and was hooked at once! Honing her skills by practising everyday, Stefani’s skating highlight (so far) came when she went to the US Open, (Vans Park Series). She says, “It was a goal of mine to go to the US and it was really amazing to skate in that event with skaters who I really admire.”

Now that she is a mum she can only practice a couple of times a week, but that doesn’t hold her back. Stef says, “I seem to have an even better time when I go skating now because I appreciate it more!”

Stefani has been outspoken in the past about the visibility of female skateboarding and is passionate about greater diversity within the sport. “In the last five years female skating has blown up which is so amazing,” she says. “A lot more women and girls have got involved as a result and I am so happy to see it.”

Speaking about becoming an Arctic Ambassador, Stefani is very clear that Caramel Latte is the best flavour! “I drink Arctic coffee every day and I really love representing a product I genuinely love and can recommend. I also like the fact that it is from Devon as that is my birthplace!”

“It is delicious. I usually drink it on my morning walk, after I have done most of my packing for my company and life admin and it is such a treat to look forward to.”

For anyone wanting to get involved in skateboarding, Stefani has some great advice:

“I would say that skateboarding can seem intimidating from afar but that most of the people involved are very nice and welcoming, especially the online community. Skateboarding can seem hard at first but no one is born good at it so just take baby steps and try to have fun with it.”

Find Stefani on Instagram @stefaninurdingxx

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