Arctic Mocha Tiramisu

This dessert is quick and easy but still a show-stopper. The delicious combination of coffee, chocolate and cream is always a winner.



Preparation time:

20 minutes

Setting time

2 hours chilling


You’ll need:

600ml double cream
250ml mascarpone
80g sugar
1 carton Arctic Iced Coffee Mocha
3tbsp Kahlua or Marsala (optional)
175g sponge fingers
3tbsp Cocoa powder

What to do:

Step 1

Whisk together the double cream, mascarpone and sugar to a medium peak.

Step 2

Pour the Arctic Iced coffee and kahlua, if using, into a wide shallow bowl or baking dish. Put half of the sponge fingers into the liquid and turn them over so they get a good covering of coffee. Lay them in the bottom of your dish and spoon a further 3tbsp of coffee over.

Step 3

Spread half of the cream mixture over the sponges and use a small sieve to give an even cover of cocoa.

Step 4

Repeat the process of dipping the remaining sponges and make another layer then drizzle with another 3tbsp of coffee.

Step 5

Pour the remaining coffee into the cream mixture and whisk again until its thick.

Step 6

Spread this mixture on top of the exposed sponges and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.

Step 7

When ready to serve cover the top with the remaining cocoa.

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