Coffee & Hazelnut Eton Mess



Preparation time:

15 minutes

Cooking time


You’ll need:

400g Strawberries

2tbsp sugar

50g hazelnuts               

330ml Arctic Iced Coffee Latte

300ml double cream

4 ready-made meringue nests

What to do:

Step 1

Hull and chop the strawberries, put them in a bowl, sprinkle with sugar and set aside to macerate.

Step 2

Toast the hazelnuts in a dry frying pan, allow to cool then roughly chop.

Step 3

In a large bowl whisk the cream to firm peaks. Slowly add half of the coffee while you continue whisking.

Step 4

Roughly crush the meringues and stir briefly into the cream. Swirl through half of the strawberries and half of the hazelnuts.

Step 5

To construct the Eton mess, put a spoon full of strawberries into the bottom of 4 glasses, follow with some of the meringue mixture, a drizzle of the remaining coffee and then some hazelnuts.

Step 6

Repeat these layers until the ingredients are used up.  Chill until ready to serve.

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